Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ramadan Kareem-The Holy 30 Days

Being a practicing muslim, i would say a muslim has to merely wait a whole year for this holy month. Every fast keeping muslim does! Fasting is basically the practice to spend the day(some 15 hours) without eating or drinking. So should we restrain from involving in sinful activities and direct both our body and soul to right path. I would say it is the most peaceful and soothing time of the year because the devil is put to chains and a lot more blessful moments occur only in this part of the year. Allah guide us all to the right path. Peace

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mothers- The Gateway To Heaven

"Mom no! I don't like to eat this. Prepare something else for me."
"Why son! I've made it with my own recipe and it took long to prepare this. You should eat it."
"NO! I can't mommy. Please! I don't like this dish at any mood. Just make something else will you."
"Alright kid! I shall make whatever you want me to cook."
This is just but one example of hundreds of heart-melting occasions a mother treats her child in. Allah has rightly said that heaven lies under mother's feet. And honestly it all depends on us as to how we treat her. She has spent a part of her whole life just to bear us and make us the best lads in town. Not every mother wants to see her child being notorious or being a part of the illegal. At least a sensible mother won't like that way for her own child. It is our responsibility to make her feel special, make her feel honourable, make her feel the way every mum wants to be felt by her child. Just imagine our parents have got a huge status in our religion as well. Allah has prohibited to even speak in the 'initial criticizing mood' with them. And today just throw a glance at the society. Parents are being treated like friends by their children, their own children never feel ashamed to speak bad to them and diminish their statuses. That shouldn't be happening at any cost or else their consequences will be severe. We all are loved the most and nourished the most at our initial stage of life and that is when we should keep in mind that we'll never look down upon them and treat them the 'Parents' way.
Now back to mothers.This day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May each year. But for me every day is a mother's day. I really needed to write an effective blog on this special occasion and I think I've given what I was supposedly to give by writing this blog.
Just remember friends, no another mother comes when the original one is gone. So learn to appreciate her by any means and pray to Allah for her good health and sound life always. Peace.

P.S. I love you mom and always will

Friday, 9 May 2014

Pakistan Welcoming The 3G/4G

"It has been a decade since the 3G came in most of the parts of the world with Japan and Korea initiating these modes. For most of us the term 3G might seem something exciting and a revolutionizing form of internet and the fact is that this technology is at least a hundred times better than the 2G. Before its launching, we had these 3G/4G supported cell phones but sadly they never got to taste that mode. And now Pakistan has officially embraced the 3G/4G. This new launch shall ease our lives and make mobile internet browsing much secure and fast. Let's just expect the 3G/4G packages are availed and affordable by every class in Pakistan.
I hope this newly launched technology stays impregnable here in Pakistan."

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Quotations

1. "The consequences occuring in our lives are always pre-defined. We are to realize the fact that they are to happen to us or to anybody else."

2. "The fact is that we are not able to control what really fills inside us at the state of being emotional. Believing is reality. Facing is what we do."

3. "We all are meant to lead a scrumptious life in this world under the condition, a temporary place."

4. "Life teaches us a lot of things. We smile, we cry and we go crazy. What creates complicate matters is the way we deal with our egoes."

5. "Sometimes a situation becomes much bitter for a person to handle. Calmness at that clamity is his best weapon then."

6. "Always keep in mind of your family values including your relatives but never stay far in thinking about your own self because if there is no you, there is no one."

7. "We start from our birth and finish at the death. All that counts is the race in the middle."

8. "We need to prepare a formula out of our past experiences of life. This will help us in the life ahead of us."

9. "It turns out to be dis-heartening when the expectations we made, the memories we built and the things we thought about are not even close to us."

10. "Facing a sad moment is easiest but the marks it leaves can never be forgotten."

11. "We really need to be sound and clear about who we are. Each and every thought we think should be no negative."

12. "We all long to lead a prosperous life but let us be prepared to face its elimination."

13. "Not in every love story is there an element of hatred. It is just that they find it rather unsuitable to over-whelm the complications."

14. "When you have a lot you don't feel like you have a lot but when you don't have a lot you feel like you had a lot."

15. "Live like you should in this world, not what you make it."