Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Quotations

1. "The consequences occuring in our lives are always pre-defined. We are to realize the fact that they are to happen to us or to anybody else."

2. "The fact is that we are not able to control what really fills inside us at the state of being emotional. Believing is reality. Facing is what we do."

3. "We all are meant to lead a scrumptious life in this world under the condition, a temporary place."

4. "Life teaches us a lot of things. We smile, we cry and we go crazy. What creates complicate matters is the way we deal with our egoes."

5. "Sometimes a situation becomes much bitter for a person to handle. Calmness at that clamity is his best weapon then."

6. "Always keep in mind of your family values including your relatives but never stay far in thinking about your own self because if there is no you, there is no one."

7. "We start from our birth and finish at the death. All that counts is the race in the middle."

8. "We need to prepare a formula out of our past experiences of life. This will help us in the life ahead of us."

9. "It turns out to be dis-heartening when the expectations we made, the memories we built and the things we thought about are not even close to us."

10. "Facing a sad moment is easiest but the marks it leaves can never be forgotten."

11. "We really need to be sound and clear about who we are. Each and every thought we think should be no negative."

12. "We all long to lead a prosperous life but let us be prepared to face its elimination."

13. "Not in every love story is there an element of hatred. It is just that they find it rather unsuitable to over-whelm the complications."

14. "When you have a lot you don't feel like you have a lot but when you don't have a lot you feel like you had a lot."

15. "Live like you should in this world, not what you make it."

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